Exciting Event

Cake Wars:Christmas Tune in on Monday November 14th at 9pm EST. Don’t forget to watch! #FoodNetwork #CakeWars #Christmas @Food Network Take a look at all the teams….. http://www.foodnetwork.com/shows/cake-wars/photos/meet-the-teams-competing-on-cake-wars-christmas.html Read more →

Buttercreams – What are the Differences?

Buttercreams – What are the differences?   As pastry chefs and cake decorators, we may use several different buttercreams during our careers. Personally, I have made more Swiss and Italian Buttercreams than any other. In many cases, it’s simply a preference to which one you prefer.   Let’s take a look at the different buttercreams:   1 – Italian Buttercream… Read more →

Sugar Got Staged Up….

I thought I would create this quick post as I was reminded today about technology. As an instructor, my students are always asking me why do we need to learn it this way when we have the technology to do it quicker. Sometimes, about 5 minutes later, I go and turn the breakers off to all the outlets. I come… Read more →

Discover the Craft…..Pastry that is!!!!!

  Have you always wondered how they decorated that cake? Made those chocolate candies? Created delicious cookies and petit fours? Well wait no longer. I am here to help. I travel across the country teaching all aspects of the Pastry Arts. Its simple….You supply the place and I’ll supply the teaching. Each of my classes are customized to the groups… Read more →