Sugar Got Staged Up….

I thought I would create this quick post as I was reminded today about technology. As an instructor, my students are always asking me why do we need to learn it this way when we have the technology to do it quicker.

Sometimes, about 5 minutes later, I go and turn the breakers off to all the outlets. I come back in to the kitchen to a bunch of “deer in the headlight looks”. My response is ” this is why I show you how to roll out laminated dough without a sheeter, make banana muffins without a mixer, and chop nuts without a food processor”.


I had a humbling experience fresh out of culinary school while making Italian Buttercream. My thermometer died and I had to call my mother to ask her about those times when she was dripping syrup into a cup. They didn’t teach us that at school.


My gift to you today  РI have attached a chart for the stages of cooking sugar and what each stage means. Hope you enjoy!!!!


Boiled Sugar Syrup Stages